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Inorganic chemistry is the chemical Cinderella - clipped, chipped, sliced, the amount of it is now such that it is difficult to get the overall picture. There is one fundamental fact, I think - you need to know the chemistry IN DETAIL if it is going to be easy. The reason that some people find inorganic chemistry difficult is not that there's too much of it, but that there's too little.

Sermon over. The set of problems offered here (and, as with most other sets of problems, there will be more) will help you to learn the inorganic chemistry.

Problem 1 (p-block) Problem 2 (d-block) Problem 3 (d-block) Problem 4 (d-block) Problem 5 (s-block)
Problem 6 (s-block) Problem 7 (d-block) Problem 8 (p-block) Problem 9 (p-block)

JRG Beavon 1999

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