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This  collection of worksheets contains some of the experiments which I have used in my teaching. Feel free to copy them as desired, subject to the conditions below, but please note that if you intend to use them in your institution you must make the appropriate risk assessments.

The sheets do not have a common format; some have the methods given as bulleted lists, others are in a more traditional legato style. This is intentional. The practicals are in no particular order of difficulty.


  • Individuals may download these sheets for individual or institutional use provided that the URL appears on each sheet and on any edited version or copy;
  • Please inform me by e-mail that you have used them.
Volumetric exercises:

Acid - base:

Determination of water of crystallisation in washing soda.
Determination of ammonium ions by distillation
Determination of ammonium ions by use of methanal.
Determination of calcium carbonate by back-titration.
Determination of sodium hydroxide and sodium carbonate in the presence of one another using two indicators.
Thermometric titration of hydrochloric acid with sodium hydroxide.
The common ion effect; equilibrium illustrated by calcium hydroxide solutions.
Precipitation: The determination of chloride ion in seawater with standard silver nitrate.
Redox: Determination of acids using iodate and iodide with sodium
Standardisation of potassium manganate(VII) with sodium      
Determination of nitrite ions with potassium manganate(VII)
Determination of hydrogen peroxide with potassium manganate(VII) or with iodine/thiosulphate.
The iodometric determination of copper in brass.
Miscellaneous exercises:
The formula of a tin iodide.

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